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Rin: imconfused, whats he doing? is he flying is he sliding?
Rin: taking baby tap dance steps

so i made this and its all rin’s fault

watCHA! CHA! HA! *tappa tappa*

ok i’m almost sorry about making this but also not

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Pikmin 2

ClipArt Cover Art

This one was from when I first started this blog! Nowadays I try to keep the same logos and stuff, for authenticity’s sake.


Some super high resolution artwork of PIt from Kid Icarus Uprising!

Follow thevideogameartarchive on Tumblr for awesome video game artwork old and new!

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I asked my 6 year old sister to name the Smash Bros characters confirmed so far…

EDIT: As per request, here’s a recording of me correcting her on her mistakes.

"you should act more your age"


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I’MMA GONNA WIN! #DJW #DerrickJWyatt #JustSayin

Lapa and Channel doin what they do best

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